History of the House

The House of Maître Parfumeur et Gantier was established in 1988 by the famous perfumer Jean-François Laporte. Rooted in the French perfumery tradition of the 17th century, the brand draws its inspirations from travels, the realm of Opera, and the baroque aesthetic. Our House stands out for its audacious and rare accords, while maintaining the artisanal touch of its creator.

"Le Gantier" harks back to a time when ladies' gloves were delicately scented, out of vanity but also to mask the overpowering scent of leather tanning. Whether for the skin or the ambiance, each creation is like a signature, leaving an indelible and character-filled olfactory impression.

The brand's identity revolves around strong and foundational values

CREATIVITY and FREEDOM: Maître Parfumeur et Gantier offers scents that challenge traditional norms and trends, reminiscent of the visionary who first conceived them. Beyond mere olfactory adornments, they invite exploration and adaptation, transforming with each individual.

RARITY and EXCEPTION: Creation is never rushed, and time stands as a precious necessity in crafting an outstanding perfume. Such time is equally vital in cultivating relationships with those in search of a scent that can unveil their essence, enhance their presence, and set them apart.

KNOW-HOW and AUTHENTICITY: Crafted in the finest French traditions, both past and present fragrances retain their inherent richness and distinctiveness: the artist's signature "touch" and his unparalleled approach to using premium materials.

It's to the talent and personality of its creator that the house of Maître Parfumeur et Gantier owes its uniqueness and universe. Pioneer, Jean-François Laporte penned the first formulas of what would become 'niche perfumery.' Refined, surprising, resonating... the fragrances of Maître Parfumeur et Gantier are a testament to this heritage, striking straight to the heart. Despite his passing in 2011, his personality and his 'touch' endure, thanks to his closest collaborators who perpetuate his creative vision.


The Vision of a Creator:

Jean-François Laporte, trained as a chemical engineer, opened his first shop at 84 bis Rue de Grenelle in Paris, in 1976.

He equipped this place with a small laboratory, providing him a playground to let his creativity run wild. With relish and without constraints, he indulged in composing authentic fragrances, often conceived around a primary note. He envisioned perfume both for the skin and for the home, thus accentuating the rarity of his approach.

Breaking away from the codes and trends of his time, the artist reverted to an almost forgotten practice since the end of World War II: giving his fragrances the name of a note, immediately identifiable and symbolising a very literal interpretation of the world, at a time when the trend leaned more towards abstract perfumes.

In 1988, he created the house of Maître Parfumeur et Gantier. Today, the Parisian boutique at 5 Rue des Capucines is the sole showcase for his exceptional perfumes.

Jean-François Laporte, an artist with an acute sensitivity, was an epicurean at heart. The man had a penchant for fine dining, and this fondness is mirrored in his way of elevating raw materials, sometimes daring to use them to their saturation point. A devout worshiper of absolutes, he never ceased to place them at the center of uncompromising fragrances, like so many vibrant affirmations of life: Rose Opulente, Secrète Datura, or Tubéreuse exemplify with vigor his creativity and his unwavering character. A boldness also reflected in his choice to emphasize ingredients such as celery, laurel, or geranium to birth unprecedented perfumes.